Birdhouse Factory for Gift Giving 13

Do a search for Bird House or Wren House on Instructables and you will no doubt find an endless number of Instructables on how to build these things. Overall, a pretty simple design of a box with some holes in it. Please Vote!This Instructable will show how to mass produce bird houses to give as GIFTS on the CHEAP. Not only will we show how to give as great gift to friends and family without breaking the bank, we will show how to do it relatively QUICK and Efficiently!The idea is actually pretty simple. How does Santa's Elves manage to mass produce so many great toys and other gifts for the entire World? You must be organized and systematic. In about 4 hours, with help from my son and daughter (the helper Elves), we built 13 Wren Houses for only about $60. That is about a 50-60% savings over paying ...

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