How to make a Lego Candy Machine 1

This is a great afternoon project for Lego lovers such as myself. I like making things out of Legos and candy, so it seemed fit to create this project. I hope you enjoy reading this and making it, and would appreciate it if you would vote for me in the Toys Contest. The idea for it originates in the LEGO Crazy Contraptions book, but this model takes a different approach at the same device. Materials needed: - A whole lot of Legos, preferably single or double wide, flat pieces, and smooth pieces - A medium rubberband - 2 Connecter pins - 1 long connecter pin - 2 3x1 pieces with holes in them - 2 2x1 pieces with holes in them

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GkKool - 24.11.2016 - 03:07

That's look easy to make

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