January 2014 Build Night: EL Wire Nixie Tube 3

Let's call this the EL-ixie tube for short.  This is one of H3 Laboratories' entries in the January 2014 Build Night With CoolNeon. For those that don't know, see Nixie Tube is a vacuum tube primarily used in Russia and Eastern Europe to display a digit (usually), the same purpose as a 7 segment LED display.  However, in a Nixie Tube each digit is a separate filament that emits light when current is applied.  For more info, see Nixie Tube on Wikipedia. We're going to make a replica of a Nixie Tube using EL wire to form the digits. Specific skills involved are soldering and optionally welding (for small tacks). Take appropriate precautions when working with heat, solder, welding, scissors, etc.

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